Monday, January 21, 2008

Brady plays like Bledsoe and we STILL win

I'll tell you what, I can't believe Brady could play so bad and we STILL end up winning the game, that is just retarded. It's good to know that when required, this team can totally crank it up on defense and make the big stops when they need to if the offense is not firing on all cylinders. It also helped that LT is a complete panty boy. If I was in an AFC Championship game with everything on the line, my leg would have to physically separate at the knee for me to take myself out of the ballgame. LT is about a 2 on the Ronnie Lott toughness know, the story of how Lott broke his finger and had it AMPUTATED vice coming out of the game! That makes me want to toss my Harrison's Roast Beef sandwich just thinking about that kind of pain. LT looked nice and toasty sitting on the bench, that's all I can say. When you play all your college ball in Texas and then go to San Dog, I guess your crank falls off and the skirt comes on when you get into sub freezing playing conditions. Farewell losahs! On to the SUPAH BOWL!

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Welcome to the Inaugural Launch of Sully the Diehard Pats Fan's Blog!

Welcome Patriot Nation, I am Sully, the Diehard Pats fan of ESPN 1310's New England Patriots Report, and this is your one stop rant site and information and opinion mecca for the New England Patriots. Those in the Hampton Roads area of Virginia recognize me as the definitive encapsulator of Patriots happenings during the regular season, but I hope to offer a bit more here on the blog and keep the pride alive in the offseason. In the name of the Brady, The Belichick, and the Patriot Spirit, AMEN.