Friday, November 28, 2008

What to do with Cassel?

Ok, now I don't want to get my fellow fans knickers all in a bunch here, but with the kind of injuries we have sustained and continue to sustain this year, even if Cassel continues his 'hellified' season, there is slim chance we are going deep in the playoffs...losing Asante was a mistake, letting Randall Gay go at the same time was a bigger mistake, and now every team in the NFL can play pitch and catch in our backfield because it is deviod of expereinced playmakers. Don't get me wrong, Merriweather has impressed and Sanders looks like he can rattle some teeth, but the assortment of ragged veterans and greenstick rookies we have paraded onto the field each week at Corner has made us susceptible to not being able to run the highly intricate Belichick Coverage schemes like we should, and that consistency is not going to develop in the next four weeks.

So looking at what is happening now with Cassel, as if Brady has somehow been downloaded into Cassel mentally if not physically ("Well my arm sucks, but check out these wheels!"), you have to wonder if Brady going down is not the worst thing that could have happened to, no, not like that, in terms of what we can now GET for Cassel. Remember, before this opportunity to show his wares, the most we could ever get in a trade for Cassel was a box of pens and a couple used tires...but now, now all the talking heads are clamoring about teams like San Fran or Detriot paying 12 mil to add a guy who ten games ago had his last starting game snap at Chatsworth High. Now the landscape is COMPLETELY different as far as getting something for nothing is concerned. Bottom line is that Brady, if ready, WILL be our starting QB next season, so Cassel ends up on the bench anyway. Why not get something for him? He is a free agent at the end of the season, but that could easily change with the use of the dreaded Franchise Tag. Once we slap the tag on him, anyone of those teams could sign him for the same amount, but their next two first round picks will go to us! Can you imagine two years of the Lions first round pick? That could be the top friggin' pick in the draft for two years straight! And we probably wouldn't even use that pick, we'd probably send it away for multiple firsts and seconds, allowing us to stock our roster with as many blue chip corners as's like a Belichick wet dream!

So regardless of how this season ends, the loss of Brady may have cost us a Super Bowl this year, MAYBE, but it could buy us three more down the road! Viva Cassel!